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Native lands from 1492 to present

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This is an excerpt from the documentary Our Spirits Don’t Speak English, where boarding school survivors are interviewed about their time in the schooling system.

Too many people don’t know about this. This, if anything, should be taught in schools, but instead it is hidden. In my elementary and middle school days we learned about the wild West, the railroad system, the California Missions, Pilgrims etc. The only Native education the U.S. implements in the curricula is the Trail of Tears. No one in my classes knew about Wounded Knee, the Long Walk, the broken treaties, the slavery of my own tribe to build churches, the bounties that were put on all Native heads (common bounty in CA was $1 for head $.50 for an ear), the cultural genocide.

If there is one Native thing this country needs to learn is the boarding school system. Some of us still live with the results of the boarding schools. We have high rates of domestic violence which is always stated as being introduced the schools. Native children were taken from their homes, and placed into the schools where they were beaten and molested by the teachers and staff. The schools were to reform Natives into respectable white people, but once the kids left the system they had trouble finding work, while some were outcast from their tribe.

This was all a part of the genocide, yet too many people have no idea this even happened.

Yup. Minnesota was the site of the 1862 Dakota hanging, where 38 were killed, not to mention all the atrocities that came along with the Dakota war, and all of the cultural genocide that happened that we don’t speak about. Fort Snelling? A sacred site. And one that, in 1862, loads of Native prisoners of war died at. That’s not mentioned on the tour (though fortunately it is on the website). The names of counties and cities? Ramsey, Sibley, and more were involved in this genocidal war. 

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"How are the black panthers different from the KKK? Publicly shouting that we need to kill cracker babies is somehow okay because the group is black? Do you realize how fucking dumb you sound?"









When was the last time the Black panthers Lynched anyone?

When’s the last time the Black Panthers burned crosses in someone’s yard?

When’s the last time the Black Panthers completely destroyed white towns for fear of their prosperity?

Have the panthers ever burned down any white schools to keep white people “in their place”?

Are these white folks serious?! Please, please…do yourselves a favor and earn some citations on this country’s history. The Black Panthers were NOT like the Klu Klux Klan. Their objective was not to go around and terrorize and murder white people. The KKK however, was definitely a reactionary terrorist/extremist group. The Klan emerged during “The Nadir” (the lowest point) in 1877, after poor and disenfranchised whites stomped out Reconstruction and Blacks ultimately lost their civil rights. White people losing their mobility in this country was the core reason for terrorizing African Americans, but after that bullshit, 15 reels, massive 3-hour long movie “The Birth of a Nation" was released in 1915, now all of a sudden, Black people became barraged with this false image of themselves as threatening, violent, and barbaric, particularly to white women in society (The New Negro Crime) which ultimately led to hundred of thousands of lynchings and murders of Blacks in America. The Klan had one objective, to exterminate Black people. They spurred false rhetoric, hate, and violence…that’s it!

The Black Panthers was a revolutionary socialist organization that started in the mid-1960’s in Oakland, CA aiming to PROTECT the Black community. They were against police brutality, imperialism, capitalism or anything they felt was detrimental to Black Americans. They wanted Black people to fend for themselves, that’s why they carried guns, and they used them cautiously. They helped the sick, the poor, single mothers and their children, they even implemented a free ambulance and breakfast program in the community, yet they’re like the KKK?! Their goals were simple: quality education, housing, employment, and civil rights.They were not a violent group and neither was Malcolm X, contrary to popular opinion, they just believed in their right to self defense.The bottom line is, The Black Panther Party was a mobilization by African Americans, and people of the African descent across the world to break down institutionalized oppression by any means necessary. And FYI, many whites supported like Marlon Brando, and others.

*Don’t disrespect my people and Blackness!




I love the dialogue that whitepeoplesaidwhat starts.

lmao society teaches folk to hate and fear those “violent” Black Panthers so much. And violent why? Because they defended themselves and their Blackness against the White people whose sole purpose was to terrorize them? Eliminate them?!

lmao Black people aren’t allowed to defend themselves against their oppressors. We must stay submissive to the abuse or else we’re just as bad as the fucking murderer.

Just look at Trayvon. Black and blamed for fighting back a man who started the fight. Black and blamed for even the possibility of holding the upper-hand instead of dying without resistance. Black and blamed for putting up a fight instead of letting the good white[passing] man kill him nice and gently.

Black and therefore blamed.

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Tough Guise: Violence, Media & The Crisis in Masculinity

with Ed. M, Ph.D Jackson Katz

Same for mass shootings which are almost entirely done by white males.

If it was done by, literally, ANYONE ELSE of any other race or gender, I can’t even IMAGINE the shit that would be said by people.

I read somewhere, someone had this theory that the reason shootings are mainly committed by white males is because when women or poc feel alienated, depressed, etc, we are trained to keep it to ourselves, whereas white men are raised with a sense of entitlement that allows them to make their own problems everyone’s problem.

I wonder if it is true for shooting or for road rage or both or neither.

the bolded!

This is a really good documentary.

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deathandmysticism: Pile of bison skulls waiting to be ground for fertilizer, 1870s.

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I will keep this photo posted for 1 week.

Every time someone Reblogs this photo I will donate 10 cent to charity: water

After the money is donated I will post proof of donation.

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Because you may have Native blood, but do you have the heart to pump it?

If a person of colour tells you that what you’re wearing is offensive then don’t wear it.

Disclaimer: This comic only applies to those [“you” meaning those who wear headdresses where it does not apply to them or their culture, hense cultural appropriation] or have in some way done offense in the term of cultural appropriation and this post was created specifically for said people in order to perhaps gain a better understanding of why cultural appropriation is offensive to many Native Americans [and to whom it applies within any person of colour] and strictly for educational purposes. This post does not mean to offend those who have done some sort of act of unintentional offense to Native Americans in the past by means of cultural appropriation and presently understand the offense that was made and regret it.

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  cultural appropriation  


Donald Andrews Jr. A Black man  and Business Owner from New York was cleared just last April After being Arrested on Drugs Charges in Scotia, New York.    Police were “suspicious” of Donald Andrews Jr.’s store, which sells incense and smoking paraphernalia, and sent undercover informants several times in March. In one of the informants visits he is seen on Andrews hidden camera planting Crack Cocaine on the counter in Andrews Store.

Andrews was arrested in April  2013 and cleared only after he asked a Grand Jury to watch the surveillance footage from his store. The informant used a cellphone photo he took of the planted drugs as evidence that Andrews was dealing, leading to his arrest.


The police claim that the informant has now “fled” and they haven’t found his whereabouts. The sheriff “claims” his investigators didn’t purposely framed Andrews and have the “informant” out to be some rogue agent.

FYI this same “informant” has lead to seven other drug-related arrests the Report says. 

Sounds like a Movie right? But yall still out here calling people “conspiracy theorists”. 

Andrews is now in the process of suing NYPD.

Post Made by @solar_innerg


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(I don’t have a thing against Audrey Kitching, she was just merely and example). 

But this fucking disgusts me right here. It makes me want to say, fuck this country and its racism and double standards. 

also notice how these people are calling her a terrorist even though she didn’t do anything wrong

but they are threatening to kill, beat, steal from, and degrade this woman for simply wearing an article of clothing

fuck everything

Urrrrrhg people are rfdhyuij

this is absolutely disgusting and shameful… the ignorance in this country is outrageous.

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"we’re all human!"

yeah except you never had to fight for your humanity

"we all bleed red!"

yeah except it’s not your blood running in the streets

"we should all be just nice to each other!"

yeah except you’re not holding up your end of the bargain

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You have the right to say “Merry Christmas”. You have no right to get offended when someone says “Happy Holidays”.

You have the right to hang a cross from your neck. You have no right to hang one in a public school or government building.

You have a right to pray. You have no right to force anyone else to.

You have a right to your beliefs. You have no right to shove them down anyone’s throat.

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Russia has invaded the Crimea in Ukraine, which is this part: 


The Crimea is an autonomous region of Ukraine which has historically been pretty close to Russia—in fact, it was ceded to Ukraine in 1954 by Russia. The Russians still keep their Black Sea Fleet there and it is believed that the soldiers seen around the city are from the Fleet. There haven’t been any violent confrontations, and though the soldiers are active, there is question whether this should be considered an “invasion and occupation” (the Ukrainian government has argued that it is, while the leader of Crimea has called upon Putin for help). This is an infringement on Ukraine’s sovereignty, though not tantamount to an invasion of mainland Ukraine. What is concerning is that the Russian Parliament has approved Putin’s request for the use of military force in Ukraine (definitely an infringement of sovereignty), but we remain to see whether he will use it. President of the U.S. Barack Obama has denounced this action, and the UN security council is going to meet on Monday is meeting to discuss the new development.

Please stop spreading misinformation that Ukraine has been invaded or that Russia has declared war or that this is going to turn into a World War. There is the possibility of war and Ukrainian troops are on high alert but NO ONE wants to see this escalate. 

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Mental health problems are, y’know, health problems. Treat them the same way, or shut up.


This is real real important

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Slurs are not just “bad words”. They’re part of systemic dehumanization of entire groups of people who are and have historically been subjugated and hated just for being alive.

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Feel free to sexually harass me if you’re male. You know what they say “Boys will be boys.”. Although I’m not sure any of you will want to do that since I’m not very modest, therefore not attractive.

The new principal at my school used two phrases while addressing new dress code rules to a class.

"Modest is hottest." and "Boys will be boys."

He should have said something more along the lines of: “The school dress code was established to provide our students with a safe and orderly learning environment that is free from distractions.”

Let’s start with the phrase “Modest is hottest.” Shall we?

Modest-Having or showing a moderate estimation of one’s own talents, abilities, and value.

If modest is hottest, then it’s not modest.

You are literally sending the message to young girls, who are already struggling with self confidence, that hiding their body makes them more attractive. You are establishing a sense of shame in these young, developing minds and bodies. A human has the right to wear whatever they feel comfortable in. Showing less skin doesn’t make you any more attractive. Showing more skin does not make you any less attractive. When someone calls you attractive that just means that they are attracted to you.

At what point in your career did you find it appropriate to define my “hotness”? Why are you at all concerned with how “hot” I am? You are teaching us, through modesty, to be objects of sexual arousal. I’m sorry, but I don’t dress myself to look “hot” for anyone. I dress myself as a way of expressing myself and my body. “If covering up my body is supposed to make people sexually/physically attracted to me, then how would those people feel if I decide to have sexual relations with them, without clothes on?” “How am I supposed to love and feel proud of my naked body and develop a sense of sexuality when exposing my body is deemed shameful and unattractive?” Since when should being “hot” be my concern. I don’t want to be with someone who just thinks I’m hot. I want to be with someone who loves and respects all the parts of my mind, personality, and body. THAT’S what you should be teaching, not “How to be hot.”.

My body is not a sinful temptation that needs to be hidden. 
My body is not your personal, sexual object. 
My body does not overshadow my character. 
My body is not any more sexual than a man’s body. 
My body is not here to look “hot” for you.

Next up is “Boys will be boys.”

Being a boy refers to your gender. That’s all.

It does not make you constantly sexually aroused, animalistic, or sexually uncontrollable, but for some reason society has come to the conclusion that you are this stereotype. This is extremely sad. This gender stereotype is unfair to all men. By telling them who they are as a man you are absolutely taking away their moral agency. “But he’s a teenager. He’s raging with hormones.” You don’t think I’m raging with hormones as well? Believe me I am. Men are not stupid. They are not unable to see when someone is not consenting to sex. It’s not ‘in their nature’ to rape because they are a man, it’s not ‘in their nature’ because IT’S WRONG TO RAPE SOMEONE. Raping someone is a cognitive choice. (how modestly the victim dresses does not affect them being raped). When the few people that do sexually harass people happen to be male and you use the excuse “Boys will be boys.” you are not only excusing their behavior, you are condoning it. It’s this “Boys will be boys.” mentality, culture, and attitude that condone sexual assault. Whenever the excuse “Boys will be boys.” is used, it’s just an exercise of male privilege. It’s this attitude that condones sexual assault. You are giving them a free license that makes it okay for them to be sexually violent, that says “Well I’m a boy, it’s just who I am.” Sex needs to stop being about “no no no bad dirty gross shameful” and start being about “Yes. Let’s have consenting sex because I want to.” Consent. THAT’S what you should be teaching, not “Well you know how they are… Boys will be boys!” 

Boys are not sexually uncontrollable.
Boys do not have a genetic, animalistic, violent nature.
Boys are not born with a natural desire for destruction or control.

Despite what society and culture keeps trying to cram down everyone’s throat, having a penis doesn’t make it okay to sexually harass someone. The false idea that men can’t control themselves is so unfair and completely ridiculous.
The next day He called me down to his office to discuss my concerns. (Students and teachers told him about it, which I expected)
I spent a good hour and a half arguing with the principle about his comments when he called me down to his office, today. I offered to send him what I posted if he was interested in reading it. He said “No, that won’t be necessary.” I explained to him that I wanted him to read what I wrote and I would appreciate it if he did. He said “No, I don’t really care to read it. That’s okay.”

I asked him what he meant by the phrase “boys will be boys” and he explained that if a girl is inappropriately dressed that it can lead to inappropriate, sexual touching and staring (sexual harassment). If a boy chooses to sexually harass someone, it’s his choice no matter what his gender is.
He explained to me that boys are more “wound up” than girls are. I didn’t quite understand what he meant by that so I asked him for a different adjective and after a minute of mumbling he chose the word “aggressive” but then followed that up with “…well I don’t think that’s the correct word to use…”. I agree, not the best word to use, eh? 

I asked him to explain why boys are different than girls in this regard and he said “Well to start, all boys are attracted to girls…” I interrupted with “No. There are actually boys who are attracted to other boys.” He laughed and said “Oh, yes of course!”… I guess that part must have slipped his mind.

I asked him, in general, what the difference is between girls and boys. He said that boys “misbehave more” and are “outgoing”. He said that girls are “reserved”. That’s all. That’s the word he used, “reserved”. Boys and girls are different because they have different organs and hormones. Being a girl doesn’t automatically make me reserved. Just like being a boy doesn’t make you automatically misbehave. I explained to him that by using the phrase “Boys will be boys.”, he is excusing and condoning bad behavior from boys, such as sexual harassment and rape. “But that’s not reality, that’s your opinion.” he said. 

He explained that his daughters “behave” and that his nephews were disrespectful… because they are boys. I said “That has nothing to do with their gender. They act that way because of how they were raised, the environment they are living in, and the choices they make.” 

I told him that the phrases he used were sexist and stereotypical and unfair to all genders. I explained to him that many students and people of society were offended by what he said and the phrases he used. I told him that I thought he should apologize for what he said and explain to students and society that this kind of message is not okay or appropriate.

He said he wouldn’t apologize for that, but he would give me an apology, which was “I’m sorry you feel that way.” 

After he dodged almost every question I asked by sharing his plans to improve LHS, he decided that he had had enough of not being able to answer my questions or concerns and ended our discussion by saying “I’m going to end this discussion.” and I was sent back to class.

Yes. This needs to go viral.

Marion, I love you so much for this. You are the catalyst for change in this world. No matter how small the impact<3 I feel honored to know you.

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